Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To the Intersection of Market Need and Exemplar Leadership

I am always intrigued by how often I am asked the question "What market is Exemplar going after as a firm?" At first blush, it sounds like a perfectly reasonable question. In fact, many people ask me "What practice areas are you looking for people to fill?" By these questions I am reminded of the difference between "Good" companies and "Great" companies. Good companies decide where the bus is going first and then gather a whole bunch of people to go along for the ride. Great companies start by getting great people on the bus. . . then. . . they look around at the talent and say "Where should we go?" So, what does all of this mean? This means that Exemplar Law Partners is headed to the intersection of Market Needs and Exemplar Leadership. Are you confused yet? Well, in business it would be a great mistake to set off to penentrate a particular market only to realize on your way that the target market no longer exists and now you have the wrong people to change course. I find it far more compelling to surround myself with leaders who have their ears to the market and can adapt and change to the growing marketplace. You see, if you focus too much on a destination you forget to enjoy the journey. Exemplar Law Partners has a model that allows our people and our customers to enjoy the journey, because with excellence as a core value we know that our destination is never truly reached.

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