Friday, May 12, 2006

Service Is In The Eye of the Customer:

Today I had the distinct pleasure of hearing the most gratifying remarks I could possibly hear as an attorney: "you guys are great, and I am so thankful for your help today." These remarks came from a client that we helped through an emergency situation this afteroon and they were left on my voicemail after the matter was satisfactorily resolved. It made realize why I am in this business and how wonderful it really feels to be able to help clients. The remarks left on my voicemail were actually longer and so enthusiastic that I forwarded the message to several of our team members just so they could hear it. At the same time, three businesspeople who are forming a company together that aims to have a national presence from the start decided, after meeting with us, to ditch their old attorney from Chicago and take the Exemplar plunge, citing that they really felt that they could connect with us on a personal and business level. Exeperiences like these confirm that the business of law is truly about relationships and helping people and businesses. Those who think it is just about where you got your diploma or technical skill have missed the point. The ability to deliver is a minimum requirement, but I believe that servicing the customer by fostering open and long-lasting relationships is the key to success. Time will tell, but so far our customers have been very satisfied. . . a satisfaction that makes me believe everyday in what we have set out to do as a firm.

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