Thursday, April 27, 2006

Get Real Chris

After having sent my blog to my fellow team members for comment I received a good deal of teasing. They said that what people want to know are the day-to-day activities in the trenches of a firm that is pioneering and not the broad-stroke concepts that we are implementing. I was duly reminded of this when I was interviewed by David Maister today, who sternly and gently (all at once) reminded me that he has heard every concept out there and really wants to know the real details on what makes us so different at Exemplar.

I have always lived by the phrase "head in the sky, feet on the ground," but it hit me as I was responding to my team members and David that I much prefer to think and talk about the "sky-like" issues rather than the "ground-zero" issues. I am now learning that I must be able to do both well, so here it goes. It is time to get real folks! My team and I want to share with all of you the things that really happen on a daily basis to make this firm the best it can be. In order to satisfy my desire to communicate the philosophies and broader concepts that we have at Exemplar, I have decided to start another blog that I will link to at the top with the rest of the links!

So, the next time I blog it will be from me to you directly from the pit.

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speedwalkinjibs said...

"Head in the sky, feet on the ground..that is the BEST way to describe you!. I think that you should be able to cover BOTH ..not every blog has to be from the ipit. Keep it up. So proud to see how far you have come!