Monday, April 17, 2006

The Exemplarites - Making the Dream Real

I went to Easter services and I learned a wonderful way to think about what we are doing at Exemplar. You see, we normally use the saying "seeing is believing" to describe the fact that results are the only thing that will convince most people that new things can be done, and I am sure that some people feel that way about what Exemplar is doing. However, if that were true than it simply does not explain how humans with uncompromising conviction and passion for what they believe in can make things happen that, to most, would seem impossible. After all, if everyone waited to see in order to believe than there would be no leaders in this world. On the subject of faith, Dan Harrel continued his sermon saying that the opposite of this saying is responsible for changing lives. . . . "believing is seeing," he concluded. Finally, it clicked. It is absolute faith, belief without proof, that causes us to see the true potential in what we do. It is this faith that changes lives, industries, and cultures. As I sit and reflect upon this new-found wisdom I think about the Exemplar Team, all of which came together with a common mission and vision of the future of the professions , all of which sacrificed high-paying jobs, some with families and young children to feed, believing in and embracing the vision of Exemplar every day. I am everday surrounded by wonderful professionals from different generations and backgrounds who "see" the potential of Exemplar because they believe in what they are doing. As we grow and expand and mountains begin to move, it will be because of the great people that have "burned the ships" and come together in a statement of faith to build the Firm of the Future that will be responsible for our success. Looking back in time at the innovators and inventors who shape how we live today, it was their belief in the "impossible" that caused them to see the solutions that exist today. For the rest of the world, "seeing is believing." The only caveat to living by the motto "seeing is believing" is that you have live with seeing a lot of dust. Understanding the difference between the two viewpoints is an awesome lesson in faith.


Dina Lynch, said...


As a fellow visionary I say welcome! Like you I've set out to change the face of business by returning trust, relationship and connection to their rightful place as critical business values.

I design and launch Ombudsman programs for companies with fewer than 2000 employees. It's an uphill battle everyday but I won't quit. I see the difference an Ombuds can make to small companies and the good people within them.

Two thoughts guide and sustain me as I bring my vision into reality:

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

"The only limits are, as always, those of vision." James Broughton

Thanks for your leadership.

Dina Beach Lynch, JD, Ombuds

Christopher Marston said...

Hi Dina,

I thank you deeply for your thoughts. I believe "you've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything." I have an uncompromising conviction to bring values back to the practice to create a truly service-oriented firm. I thank you for sharing your story and believe that we need leaders like you to make great things happen. We should talk sometime!