Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What? You Mean Customers Deserve to Have Options?

YES! Customers absolutely deserve to have options. In fact, if you don't, your competition certainly will. . . . or will they? Lawyers are notorious for telling their clients that what their singular strategy should be, stating their billable rate, and getting to it. Client after client that we encounter talks about how horrible they felt when their attorneys told them they only have one way to go "which made no economic/business sense" (a symptom that they are not really listening to what the client is trying to accomplish) or simply was not solution-0riented enough to find a path to success as defined by the client. Many attorneys I meet have pre-conceived notions of what success means based on the legal system we work within. This structured framework causes lawyers to think "inside the box" and fail to be responsive to client needs. For instance, what I find most important in client service at Exemplar is listening loudly for what the client perceives as success, and then thinking of all of the business, legal, political, social, and tactical ways that we can accomplish the goal for the client: To what end? To empower the customer with CHOICES. The fact is that if customers have come to you they are essentially shopping in your store. If you only have one product in your store then customers are going to look at the store next door to see what they have too. The fact is that you simply have to offer your customers options so that they find what they are looking for within your organization. They will appreciate the fact that you respect them enough to offer them choices and will not feel compelled to look elsewhere.

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