Monday, October 02, 2006

Reengineering A Broken Industry: Contribute to the Best Practices of a Firm Dedicated to Excellence

I always tell people that what we are doing at Exemplar is reengineering the practice of law into the business of law by examining why we do what we do and asking oursleves how we can make it better. Since we have opened, I have been overwhelmed with the supportive responses from attorneys and businesspeople all over the world who have written me personally with their words of support. Because I am dedicated to creating the standard in our industry and best practices that will shape the future of the business of law I am everyday thinking of how, as we shape our policy, we can ensure that we are making deliberate improvements on what has already been done or otherwise create it in the vision of what we think is best. This requires us to take on challenging questions like how to reward the most important qualities in one's performance (often these are the hardest things to measure). Because the readers of this blog seem to be as interested in positive change in our industry as I am, I would like to open the lines of communication between us and start a "conversation." For those of you who are interested in exploring those challenging questions and brainstorming with me on innovative solutions to challenging questions I will create additional blog posts that begin with the words "Creating Policy:" and I welcome you to think with me on how we can be the best we can be here at Exemplar. I will respond to thoughtful posts with good ideas and we can work on a solution together. Since I know that so many of you support Exemplar, I welcome you to be a part of shaping the future of the profession through your intelligent feedback, innovative ideas, and engaging discussions! I will look forward to your comments on my next post.

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