Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Golden Map is Useless Without a Destination in Mind!

A golden map is pretty useless without a destination in mind. With just a golden map and no goal, you can drive around wherever the roads may lead and admire the etchings in your golden map, but at the end of the day you've spent a lot of money on gas and are just as lost as you were when you started (but you continue to rationalize your journey on the basis that you know where you are on the golden map, right?). This would be just fine if you had all of the time in the world and you were the only one in the car, but unfortunately most lawyers take their clients with them. You see, when lawyers bill you by the hour they are not required to tell you where they are taking you (SCOPE -- you have a right to ask, you know!). Many of them gain years of specialized knowledge (golden maps) and they waive them in front of you so that you will get in the car. The most specialized ones take their golden maps and promise that they can get you there faster with their golden maps (and many clients believe them without asking the all important question "where is there?). What if your taxi driver told you the same thing? Would you get in a cab without knowing your destination (after all, they bill you by the 1/8 of a mile)? You see, without a destination you are lost. . . even if you have a golden map. The reason I worry about what roads my cab driver takes has everything to do with the fact that he is billing me by the 1/8th of a mile (when I want to get there faster) and nothing to do with whether or not he has a map handy! (If you think about it, I never chose a cab driver for his quality map because most of the time I am not going to the moon. Perhaps we shouldn't choose our lawyers that way either) At Exemplar, we recognize that our customers want and deserve to know where they are going and the price for the journey. We accomplish this by working with the customer to clearly define the scope of every engagement. They know and agree to the roads we will take on the way and are empowered with OPTIONS! They know where they are going and we are proud to take them there. Suddenly, customers realize that they don't need a rocket scientist of a lawyer with a golden map (sans destination) to complete 90% of the legal work that they encounter because it is more important to know where they are going than to know they have a genius working for them who makes more money the longer he takes. I don't get in a cab and let the driver drive me around aimlessly and I wouldn't let my law firm do it and bill me for it either. Fortunately, customers now have a choice in the marketplace. You would be surprised how much peace of mind you get when you know where you are going and are on your way (the Exemplar way)!

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